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Embrace the List of AI Tools With Ultimate Functionalities in 2023

In 2023, you talk about the functionality you expect to attain, and there is possibly an AI tool available to get the job done. May it be speech recognition or image processing, there’re AI tools to help you meet your quality expectations on priority.

AI is transforming at a very high speed and is changing the way people work or love. It is no surprise in this decade that the market for AI technology and tools is growing immensely. Both individuals as well as businesses are now trying hard to leverage the potential of AI in their dedicated operations.

It not just streamlines your processes but lets you gain deeper insights and automate redundant tasks with ease. With the bar of quality expectations being set, the demand for new AI tools has never been this high.

Therefore, this article will educate you on some of the most outstanding AI tools in multiple categories, with brilliant features for businesses or individuals to try in 2023.

Content Creation

  1. LOVO

LOVO provides you with video and audio solutions, which include text-to-speech conversation. It has an AI content editor, an art generator, and video script-making. It has an intuitive UI packed with all the important elements for crafting the video content right from the beginning. One of the best features of this tool is it converts your text to speech in more than 30 emotions. Moreover, you can also edit videos over the tool with AI voiceovers.

  1. Writesonic

Writesonic is one of the popular AI tools that help you create text content for your website or marketing channels with simple steps. The best thing is that every piece of Writesonic content will be free from plagiarism and optimised with SEO aspects in mind. Thus, your brand will rank and perform well with blogs, email, social media, and ads.

AI Art Designing

  1. DALL-E 2

DALL-E 2 is considered the most popular platform for generating AI art. It has the capability of generating highly realistic images out of textual descriptions. All you have to do is describe it in your natural language, and that’s it. You will soon get a unique and appealing picture that resembles your description.

  1. Deep Dream Generator

Deep Dream Generator is another popular AI platform allowing you to invoke life to your imagination by blending in art and AI. It works the same way as DALL-E 2, where you will give in the description of the art you need, and the AI will process the rest to give you an output.

Coding AI Tools

  1. Tabnine

The generative AI’s capabilities aren’t just limited to images and texts. Instead, you can use Tabnine to produce codes for your dedicated applications. The all-language coding assistant keeps on learning the new codes or preferences of the development team to help them with the needful.

  1. DeepCode

DeepCode uses AI technology to assist developers in writing cleaner codes and running semantic analysis in real time. It is a great tool for beginners to scale with their coding expertise.

AI Presentation Maker

  1. uses generative AI capabilities to build professional slides for your presentation per the given topic. This tool can create slides with content, images, charts, and other elements to make the presentation more realistic and informational.

  1. is yet another popular category tool that allows you to build personalised presentations using simple textual descriptions. It prepares the presentations in a few seconds, with a scope of customising some of the information before it can be shared with the stakeholders.

AI Tools For Music Generation


If you are a music enthusiast and want to create royalty-free music for your movie, video, ads, or any other marketing content, then is the best pick. It allows you to create mood-based music based on a specific genre. You can choose both parameters for the AI tool to create a masterpiece.

  1. Soundraw

Soundraw is yet another popular platform that you can use for generating unlimited music, free from royalty, which can be customised as per your needs. Run your customizations, add your descriptions, toggle through the given options, and your music will be ready for download.

AI Chatbot Tools

  1. BotStar

BotStar is a less-known yet powerful AI tool capable of creating multi-lingual and scalable chatbots for handling user queries seamlessly. It is a perfect tool for businesses to improve their customer experiences.

  1. Dialogflow

Dialogflow uses BERT NLU models by Google Cloud to understand the context or intent of the users more accurately. Using the BERT algorithm makes this tool leverages the potential for accurate analysis of users’ questions or queries.

Voice Cloning AI Tools


If you want a cloned voice of your favourite celebrity for fun or marketing content, is one of the best tools to count on. Of course, you will have to give credit to the tool or admit the use of it while cloning any celebrity’s voice to avoid legal troubles. But, with the right approach, is the best tool to help you with voice cloning needs.

  1. Overdub

With Overdub, you can choose an appealing voice from their ultra-realistic collection of stock voices. If not, you can also use your voice as the model for implementing the text-to-speech process. It is helpful when you have written something but are too hesitant to speak and record it!


So, these are the 14 brilliant AI tools that have changed how people and businesses work. There are a lot of other tools in various domains, but these are the ones that have got the attention of the majority. Each AI tool has perks and demerits to help you with specific purposes. Therefore, depending solely on AI tools doesn’t take you anywhere. Instead, use these powerful solutions with professional guidance at your back.

If you are a business owner who is dependent on such AI tools to date, it is time you break those chains of limitations. Get in touch with ITBeatz, and we shall help you leverage the maximum potential of your favourite AI tools to help your business grow.

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