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Impact of AI on Internet Marketing: Is it Worth it or Not?

The power of AI is revolutionising the way businesses market their products or services. Technology has forced the marketing teams of businesses to improve their strategies to stay ahead of the crowd. The marketing trends have evolved, and AI has become the powerhouse of new-age strategies.

AI gives businesses the ability to gather large volumes of data and analyse the same in just a few seconds. Thus, it has changed the way brands approach internet marketing measures. So, let’s talk a bit more about the impact of AI on digital marketing and decide if it is worth it.

Positive Impact of AI on Internet Marketing

The use of AI in marketing is quite emerging, as new practices and tools are growing to be seen as transformative. One of the major areas where AI can put up significant impact is customer targeting and segmentation. With the help of AI, marketers are now able to analyse customer behaviour and data. It will help you personalise the marketing efforts and segment your target audience.

Thus, it will lead to enhancing engagement, promoting conversion rates, and boosting the loyalty of the customers. Not just that, but AI can always be used for automating the marketing measures, such as social media management, email campaigns, content creation, and others.

When you are automating your marketing tasks, your team members will be saving ample time to focus on other core operations of your business. Thus, it will reduce your marketing expenses! The AI chatbots, embedded into your website or business platforms, can provide virtual assistance and personalised customer support solutions. It will then enhance the satisfaction quotient of the customers.

Ways How AI is Positively Impacting Internet Marketing

Here are some ways to give you a brief understanding of how AI is being used in Internet marketing:

  1. Continued Efforts On Machine Learning

AI is well-known for its ML capabilities. This technology has the capability of improving itself, by learning from experiences, without the need for any kind of programming. ML models are made using computer programs to access data and use it for learning. AI employs the use of ML to produce & distribute content that seems appealing to the audience.

  1. Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic pricing supported by AI tools can help your business stay competitive in the market. This process refers to the variable price of a service or product. Thus, the dynamic pricing capabilities of AI vary in response to several factors, such as demand growth, peak usage metrics, marketing conditions, consumer types, targeted demographics, and others. Digital marketing solutions can use AI to set dynamic prices to shoppers’ needs and circumstances.

  1. Social Media Marketing

AI solutions help you run online assessments of customers to determine what they want to see and what makes them more engaged with the brand’s services or content. Keeping that in mind, AI can suggest better advertising measures and suitable posting opportunities to be more competent and reach out to more potential customers. With the use of AI in social media marketing, you can be assured of gaining the attention of your right audience.

  1. Targeted and Predictive Content

With AI in pursuit, digital marketers now have a way of predicting the future behaviours of customers. It will collect data on your potential leads and customers, which will then extrapolate future behaviours using it. You will then be able to know if someone is willing to make the purchase or intends to sign-up for your newsletter services. With predictive AI, you will be able to target your content more proficiently, ensuring better ROI.

  1. Image Recognition

AI is quite good with respect to matching the customers’ preferences with the relevant products or services. AI image recognition features on your platform would allow the customers to upload an image of something they are interested in buying. Using it, AI will immediately find a relevant or the same item over your portal. Thus, your sales rate will substantially increase with image recognition.

Negative Impact of AI on Internet Marketing

Beyond the positives, there are also a few adversities to the introduction of AI in Internet marketing. It can assist your marketing strategy, but you should also take note of some of the limitations, which include:

  1. Machines Cannot Replace the Human Touch

Chatbots might be responsive enough to use AI and answer most of the queries of customers. But, they have a limited set of responses they can provide users. Apart from that, AI cannot answer all sets of questions asked by customers. Human customer support executives are needed to take over the customer queries from chatbots, and solve them from their ends, to ensure the satisfaction rate doesn’t get hampered.

  1. No Human Creativity

AI makes use of its generative capabilities, just like how midJourney or ChatGPT does. It can be a powerful feature but comes with limitations. There is no human creativity involved in marketing content or efforts produced by AI. It might be good for a set of audiences, but some groups might not relate to the lack of creativity in AI-generated marketing efforts.

Parting Words

AI can’t be ignored anymore! But, if you depend on it for your marketing measures, it is important to be strategic about the same. It is recommended that you use it in moderation, but at the same time, take the help of human-based marketing considerations.

With the right digital marketing team at your back, you will be able to strategically use AI and human-based marketing to rule the internet. AI can definitely solve a lot of your internet marketing problems, but it can’t replace a human team. It is because AI is a technology made by humans and is far from perfect. At times, these tools put up irrelevant results, which might do more bad than good. Apart from that, AI marketing measures might also fail at an emotional or creative level.

So, if you are looking for an agency that can help you leverage the potential of both AI and human-based internet marketing, ITBeatz is here to the rescue. Get in touch with us to learn more about our digital marketing solutions.

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